Polaura : The Town of the Northern Lights { Semi-Finalist }

Created by Otis College of Art and Design team for 2019 Walt Disney Imagineering’s Imaginations Design Competition



Dominique Dodd     |       Rachel Perez           |       Daniel Delgadillo  

      The closest visual humans have to magic in nature is the phenomenon of the Aurora Lights. Journey to a distant land where visitors will bring life to a town that has lost their magic. What once sat under the Northern lights, filled with bright colors, and magic, has now become a dull, mundane town. A few years ago an Evil Viking came and took one of the fairies that lived peacefully in Polaura which in turn scared off the remaining fairies. With these magical beings in hiding, the Northern Lights can no longer appear in the town as well as the magic that used to run it.

When first arriving at the gates, visitors will be gifted a bracelet that helps store small pieces of fairy magic and helps protect them against the evil Vikings that still may be roaming the town. As visitors walk through the town they will be on a quest to search for the different colored fairies that are hidden about that consistently changing hiding spots. While searching through different homes and shops, visitors will be greeted by the wonderful townspeople and hear their stories about Polaura and the secrets of the fairies they have befriended.

Disney’s Town of Polaura will take you on an adventure of discovery and wonder as  Visitors can meander in the pasture, enjoy the delicious food at Polaura's Matdin Kafe, visit the magical gift shops and journey towards Polaura’s mountain, Starfall Glacier. Everyone can have a different experience as they help save the Northern Lights and the town of Polaura.